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July 16, 2012
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"Ugh, do I really have to go?"

"Yes! Now hurry up and put your damn bikini on. We have to leave early if we want to snag a good spot at the beach."

You groaned again in annoyance as your American friend Alfred was convincing you into another one of his fun trips. The last time you went with him on one of those trips, you ended up lost in some downtown area cold and alone. But, anyways, back to the story right?

Another groan slipped from you as you yanked the small stringed bikini from his hands and headed off to the restroom. Why you ever agreed to this, you had no idea, but something told you that it was a sure fire recipe for disaster. Alfred had told you he had also invited a couple of his other friends and that they were tagging along as well. You've only met some of his proclaimed friends and they seemed nice. Well, all except for his one promiscuous friend, Francis. Francis got under your skin more than the rest because he made flirtatious advances towards you non-stop. But, then again, he made advances at nearly anything that walked and talked.

With the stringed bikini in hand, you leisurely slipped out of you casual clothes and put on the bikini with ease. Taking a step back, you admired yourself for a minute in front of the large mirror and smiled at the resuts. For a guy Alfred sure had a good taste for swim wear-- way better than his taste for food though.

You threw on a small turqoiuse t-shirt and white shorts over your bikini and walked out to meet Alfred. Alfred turned and smiled at you, but then frowned quickly noticing you covered up the bikini.

"Hey! I didn't buy you that bikini for nothing! Why are you covering it up?" Alfred walked over and tugged at the bottom of your t-shirt. Slapping his hadn away, you couldn't help but snicker a bit.

"Calm down, I am going to take these clothes off at the beach. And besides,--" You nervously tucked your shirt closer to you and sighed. "I'm a bit afraid to be so exposed in front of that damn Frenchie. . ."

Alfred laughed and put an arm around your shoulder.

"Francis? I wouldn't worry about him today. My old friend Arthur is coming too, so he'll keep him in line." Alfred lightly slapped your back and took his car keys and house keys in hand. "Let's go to the beach!"

- - -

When you two finally reached the beach, it looked pretty decent. Not too many people, not too less. You smiled widely and got out of Alfred's car and stretched. Maybe today wouldn't be so bad after all.

Alfred exited his car as well, walking around to the trunk and popping it open with a click. Looking back at him, you saw him grab a cooler and two folded chairs with another small bag tucked under his arm.

"Do you want some help, Alf?"

He smiled and chuckled. "Nope! The hero's got this one, little lady!" He smiled and walked off to go find a proper spot on his own. You stayed back adn closed the car's trunk, making sure he didn't forget anything like he usually did. Before you closed the trunk, numerous of sets of different cars pulled up beside Alfred's. You tried to take your eyes away but couldn't as the people exited from them. Quickly, you realized that it was Alfred's friends as Alfred trotted up and stood beside you.

"What's up guys? Ya' ready to get fucked up!?" You looked up at Alfred with a questioning look and sighed. Patrying was never really your thing so you always chose to stay at home when Alfred offered to take you. Soon, Alfred's friends stood in front of you and smiled. Well, some of them were smiling at least.

One with tied back black hair stepped in front of you and extended his hand.

"Hello, aru. My name is Yao." He smiled and waited for you to shake his hand. Matching his smile, you gladly greeted him and shook his hand. After you exchanged your greetings with Yao, Alfred's other friends started to warm up around you. Another one approached, a brunette man, who looked younger than the rest of them but not too young. He happily walked up to you with closed eyes and a smile.

"Ciao, bella! My name's Feliciano Vargas! But, you can call me Veneziano if you want." A smile appeared on you face as soon as you looked at Feliciano. His bubbly personality and happy nature was very contagious. Before you could give him your name, he quickly wrapped his arms around you in a tight hug.

"Ve~ let's be best friends bella!"

As you awkwardly returned the hug, you nodded. "Sure Feliciano. I'd like that, and you can call me _____."

Feliciano smiled happily and quickly grabbed your hand, leading you towards the beach. "Great! Now let's go swimming _____!"

"Feliciano, stop." Feliciano stopped dead in his tracks as soon as he heard the deep voice. You looked back at the person approaching Feliciano and shivered under his pressence. His tall and powerful stature made you shiver. He poked Feliciano's forehead then switched his gaze on you.

"Hallo, I'm Ludwig. Please excuse my friend Feliciano for being rude."

You shook your head and smiled. "Oh, he's not being rude at all Ludwig."

Ludwig raised one eyebrow at you in question, but shrugged. Before Feliciano could try and drag you off again, another person stepped forward. This time, it was a shorter Japanese man.

"Hello, I'm Kiku. It's nice to meet you _____." You smiled down at the short Japanese man.

"Hi Kiku, and it's nice to meet you too."

He nodded once at you before standing to the other side of Ludwig. After Kiku walked aside, another large man stepped in his place. You looked up at the large man, smiling up at him before waving him.

"Hello, I'm guessing you're Ivan, right?"

Ivan nodded and smiled down in return. "Da, and I'm guessing he has told you of me?"

"Yeah, but don't worry Ivan everything he said was good, don't worry." Smiling at him reassuringly, you lightly punched his arm in a friendly manner. All of Alfred's friends gasped and slowly back away from Ivan, but you couldn't imagine why. From everything Alfred had told you about him, why would they be so afraid? You looked up at Ivan and waited for something bad to happen.

Ivan looked down and chuckled. "Ha ha, that was weak, da?"
Now, I really don't know where I am going with this exactly-- this was originally supposed to be a one-shot written for a friend, but then it sorta' spun into something completely different.

I'm not sure whether or not I should continue this, so chances are 50/50 right now. :dummy:
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