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Chapter 5: Only the Beginning. . .

Waking up in a hospital bed, bruised and gashed is the last place I want to be. The time I woke up was when the nurse was inserting a new IV into my hand. "W-what happened?" I mumbled, the nurse looked at me and smiled warmly. "You were in a little accident sweety." Pfft, little? I nodded softly. "Ok, what's the damage?"
"Well, other than bruising and cuts here and there, you should be good. But we're going to keep you over night to monitor you just to be safe." I nodded as I watched her leave the room. I can't believe this happened, it all seems so unrealistic. I looked up at my IV and watched the clear liquid run down the thin plastic tube. "This is perfect, one damn deer in the middle of the road and I swerved into a boulder."

"God, what happened!?" I looked over to my mom standing in the doorway clutching my younger cousin in her arms. I smiled and shrugged lightly. "Deer ran in the road, I'll be fine but they're keeping me overnight to monitor me just in case." She nodded and put Scott Lee down on the chair beside me. "Hey, Scotty. What's up?" The boy looked at me with deep brown eyes and frowned. "Are you dieing?" I laughed a little while sitting up against the puffed hospital pillows. "No, no. I'm not dieing Scotty. Come on, you think that'll take me down? As long as I can stand I'll still be there fighting." I winked at him and smiled just re-assure the poor little guy. "Good, you're the only one who takes me to the Lake when it's hot." I nodded and laughed while switching my gaze over to my mom. "I can't believe this happened."

I nodded in agreement, "You and me both."

"Yazzy, that's not funny." I nodded while yawning. "I know it's not, I barely just woke up after I fuckin' crashed what do you want me to say!?"
"Um, I don't know how about did you call Adam?" As soon as his name escaped her mouth I began gnawing on my bottom lip. What was I going to say to Adam? Would he even talk to me after the other night? With a concerned look in my eyes, Brianna knew what I was thinking. "Want me to call him?" I looked over to my mother in question. "How do you know Adam's number?" She gently bit her lower lip as she removed her coat, letting her dark brown hair fall a little beneath her shoulders. "I don't but you do and Brianna was here earlier and handed me your phone just in case." A small sigh escaped my mouth as I brushed my bangs out of my eyes.

"Of course she did." I mumbled.

"She also told me you didn't acknowledge him the other night when he tried making his move." My mind just shut down, I got the same sickening filling I did immediately after I did that to Adam. "Mom, there's a reason I did." My mom walked leisurely to my side and scooped up Scott and sat down in his spot. Positioning him on her knee she smiled. "I know you don't want to get hurt again Yasmine but sometimes you just have to try." I smirked. "Nice one, what'd you steal that from? A Disney movie?" She shook her head as she noticed my cousin had fallen asleep, cradled in her arms. "No, your grandmother." I nodded. "Alright, well, I guess I'll--"

"I'm calling Adam."

"No, you're not, mom! This is between me and him!" My mom hit me lightly on the head before she smiled. "No, this is between your heart and your head, you want to give it a try with Adam, but your head says no." I nodded. "But, he's coming over here anyways." I shut my eyes and sighed. "I sorta' figured that." My mom stood up and kissed my cheek. "Well, I'll come by and get you in the morning. I have to take Scott Lee home." I nodded. "Alright, see you in the morning. Night." She nodded and left without another word. One thought ran through my mind.

I had no idea what to say to Adam. I'm sorry for totally blowing you off, and I want to bury the hatchet? Sorry for being too guarded? "Damn it, Adam. Why'd you have to be so perfect?"

"Perfectly dorky?"

I looked over to the doorway as Adam was leaning against the metal frame. I sat up more straightly and cleared my throat. "Adam, I'm sorry for the other night. I--" Adam shook his head and sighed. "Don't be, Brianna told me everything." I groaned lightly. Can I keep nothing to myself? "So, I have to ask you something." Adam began walking over to the side of the hospital bed as I saw the concerning look on his face. Pulling the chair up towards the bed, he sat down hesitantly. I bit my bottom lip nervously, as my eyes met his. "What are we Yaz? Are we friends, best friends, or are we going to become more? Honestly, I want us to become more and if you're not ready or don't want to now, I will wait until you are." I was awe-struck. If I said no, he would wait? For me?

"Adam, I don't want to say no. As much as my head keeps telling me to, I just can't." Adam looked up with a faintly happy expression "Really?" I nodded while laughing slightly. "Yes, because the whole time I wasn't with you I couldn't stop thinking about you." He nodded and leaned forward again, lips pursed and eyes closed. And this time, I didn't retreat. I leant forward and our lips meet in a soft, but sweet connection.

After we separated, I laid my forehead against his. "Why did we do this to each other?" I asked, gnawing on my lips once again. He lifted his gaze to mine and laughed slightly. "Your guess is as good as mine, but I do have one question to ask you. . ."


"Would you be ok with the Peanut Butter Jelly song playing at our wedding?"
Last and Final chapter guys. Hope you guys have enjoyed the previous. And if you're wondering what the whole Peanut Butter Jelly time line was about, it's because of what he said. ----> [link]
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