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Food Makes Everything Better ~ Germany x Reader
"I'm just letting you know now, I'm still a little upset over you nearly breaking my nose."
You couldn't stop yourself from snickering at Germany's attempt at pouting as his bottom lip was jutted out pitifully.
The guilt-trips this man tried to pull on you was too hilarious for words, but in the end, you always forgave or apologized anyways.
"Well, to be completely honest Luddy, you were the one following me around in the middle of the night like some demented stalker-- so, I see no reason as to why that whole situation was to be blamed on me." A smirk played onto your features you felt over-come with success in winning the argu--
"My fault? Now, I know it may seem as if I was the one guilty of, er. . . weird-ness but I assure you, it wasn't my fault in the end. I was merely trying to assure that you made it home safely."
You deadpanned at his come-back as you were left with nothing to say. Him the innocent one? That son of a-- but, well you wouldn't go down like th
:iconclandestinebatheart1:ClandestineBatHeart1 296 102
A Night To Remember ~ Canada x Reader
"I-I l-lo. . . I lov-. . . dang it." Canada sighed and ran a hand through his blonde hair while shaking his head in defeat. He couldn't bring himself to say it, even when he was alone and everybody had already left-- but, then again, it's not like it would matter if they were here or not. None of them bothered to acknowledge that he present at every meeting. . . or that he even existed at all now that he thought of it.
But, there was one person who actually managed to treat him like he was an actual human being instead of some phantom. Her name was ______, and to Canada, she was the most beautiful thing he had ever saw in his life-- and the best part about it all, was that she actually knew him! She actually took the time out of her day to notice him. . . him, Matthew Williams! The person who everybody chose to ignore, well. . . everybody except her that is.
And even when--
"Dude! You would not freaking believe what I just found outside my house!"
Oh no, he's back again. Of
:iconclandestinebatheart1:ClandestineBatHeart1 429 99
After Midnight ch. 1 ~ England x Reader
England knew there was something about you that separated you from the rest of the world, something that made you unique and in a strange way, a bit mysterious at times. You kept to yourself most of the time and hardly uttered a word unless it was absolutely necessary, and you tended to spend time alone than with others. To him, it made you that much more interesting, in a way-- it sort of made him feel like Sherlock Holmes trying to solve a new mystery.
As he sat across the conference table ignoring the other countries constant bickering, he watched you intently with awe. As you sat at your end of the conference table, you sat in silence while staring out a small window to the left of you, watching as a pair of humming birds flew across the yard, darting over to a small rose bush.
The strange feeling of being watch washed over you and made you feel uncomfortable, causing you to squirm slightly at the feeling. Curious as to who was staring at you, you turned you neck and looked over th
:iconclandestinebatheart1:ClandestineBatHeart1 77 25
Baby, It's All Wrong. . . ~ Prussia x Reader
I'm at a payphone trying to call home,
All of my change I've spent on you. . .
Where have the times gone, baby, it's all wrong. . .
Where are the plans we made for two?

- - -
"Hey, this is _____, leave a message after the beep!"
Prussia sighed as his call went straight to your voice mail again. He didn't know how many times he had called the same phone number today. . . He didn't even know how many times he had called it for the whole month-- it seemed after everything that happened his life was put on hold.
As the end of your voice mail message ended and the robotic tone drowned out, he hung up the payphone he was using and slammed his fist against the phone booth's glass wall.
"Fick. . ."
His mind was overflowing with memories of you and him together. . . everything you two ever did with one another was all coming back to him one by one-- and it was killing him.
Prussia never thought that he'd ever think of someone as much as he thought of you-- hell, he'd never thought
:iconclandestinebatheart1:ClandestineBatHeart1 187 76
Day At The Beach ~ (Potential) Hetalia x Reader
"Ugh, do I really have to go?"
"Yes! Now hurry up and put your damn bikini on. We have to leave early if we want to snag a good spot at the beach."
You groaned again in annoyance as your American friend Alfred was convincing you into another one of his fun trips. The last time you went with him on one of those trips, you ended up lost in some downtown area cold and alone. But, anyways, back to the story right?
Another groan slipped from you as you yanked the small stringed bikini from his hands and headed off to the restroom. Why you ever agreed to this, you had no idea, but something told you that it was a sure fire recipe for disaster. Alfred had told you he had also invited a couple of his other friends and that they were tagging along as well. You've only met some of his proclaimed friends and they seemed nice. Well, all except for his one promiscuous friend, Francis. Francis got under your skin more than the rest because he made flirtatious advances towards you non-stop. But, then
:iconclandestinebatheart1:ClandestineBatHeart1 114 53
Self Defense ~ Germany x Reader
There you were sitting in Germany's living room at two in the morning, drenched from the rain, and a complete mess. Your make-up was smeared and your hair was disheveled and matted-- and on top of everthing else -- you had just gotten mugged. Sure, you could've tried to put up a struggle, but to your dismay, your attacker came prepared with a switchblade knife.
As I was saying, there you were sitting in Germany's living room a total mess, and having him interrogate you on the recent incident.
"______, I don't see how you could've allowed this to happen to yourself--"
"Well, it's not like I intended for this to happen, Germany! I mean, I don't just go prowling around the city at night searching for trouble."
Germany stared at you with his ice-blue eyes as you cut him off from his lecturing. You turned your head in a futile attempt at ignoring his glare, but failed miserably as his eyes faux daggers cut into you. With a deep sigh, Germany stood up and ran a hand through his blonde hair,
:iconclandestinebatheart1:ClandestineBatHeart1 570 141
Cachorro by ClandestineBatHeart1 Cachorro :iconclandestinebatheart1:ClandestineBatHeart1 5 2
When The World Ends... (Hetalia)
Alright, I wrote this as an entry to The 'Possibility' Contest 2012 (I featured a link to the contest rules and information in the description at the bottom)
The possibility for this entry? What would happen if zombies really did exist and our long time on Earth may come to an end? Well, here's my prediction!
- - -
"The day the world ends, no one will be there, just as no one was there when it began. This is a scandal. Such a scandal for the human race that it is indeed capable collectively, out of spite, of hastening the end of the world by all means just so it can enjoy the show."
-- Jean Baudrillard

Many people have tried to predict the end of our world, every one of them failing. Paranoia strikes many deep within once mentioned of the chaotic destruction of our planet. Horror movies and television series try to help us predict what would happen in this case, either from unknown creatures or deadly diseases, and the question we all seem to have at t
:iconclandestinebatheart1:ClandestineBatHeart1 60 22
Moostache by ClandestineBatHeart1 Moostache :iconclandestinebatheart1:ClandestineBatHeart1 108 7
Hetalia Meme HOOOOOO!
Choose 10 characters:
1.) Kiku
2.) Feliciano
3.) Romano
4.) Arthur
5.) Ivan
6.) Ludwig
7.) Antonio
8.) Gilbert
9.) Alfred
10.) Elizabeta
1.) 6 Enters your bedroom at night, saying (s)he had a nightmare. What do you do? (Ludwig)
Ludwig: "Um. . . Yaz would it be alright if I slept in here with you tonight?"
Me: "Uh, s-sure Ludwig, but w-why?"
Ludwig: "B-Because I had a nightmare. . ."
Me: *smiles and opens arms for a hug* "Aw, come 'ere Luddy!"
2.) You're hosting a party with 3, 9, and 7. What's going on? (Romano, Alfred, and Antonio)
Tonio: Chica, why don't you wear a pretty dress that flatters your curves and chest?
Me: *blushes before smacking him on the arm* "Because of perverts like you, if I were to wear something like that, I doubt you'd leave me alone."
Lovino: *glares at Tonio* "Hey, Bastardo! If she doesn't want to wear a dress don't make her!"
Alfred: "Aw, come on dudes, let's just enjoy the party!"
Me: "For once, I agree with America. . ."
3.) 1 says 9 stole his/h
:iconclandestinebatheart1:ClandestineBatHeart1 28 14
Second Chance ~ Austria x Reader
"No! We're not going to let you throw your life away like this, _______!"
You winced at the amount of anger and disappointment in your father's voice. You felt like breaking down and crying, but you already told yourself that you wouldn't. You weren't going to break down-- you were going to stand strong by your decision.
"_______! Are you even listening to me!?"
Your fists clenched tightly as you sighed. "It doesn't matter that you guys think that I'm throwing away my life by following my passion for music, this is my life and my decision to make, and just because I don't want to join the medical carreer like you, doesn't mean that I'm a failure."
With that said, you walked up to room, closing the door behind you. Immediately you fell to your knees sobbing. It didn't make sense to you how they could find your inspiration and love for music idiotic. You weren't angry at them-- just hurt, and confused. As you wiped away your tears a painful smile made it's way onto your face.
"I can't ma
:iconclandestinebatheart1:ClandestineBatHeart1 15 3
The Kill (Bury Me) ~ Russia x Reader
What if I wanted to break?
Laugh it all off in your face. . .
What would you do?

He knew you were broken like him, he knew of your struggle. That's the reason he loved you. After all of the pain and misery you still managed to get back up on your feet everytime. You still managed to smile and laugh and actually be normal! He admired your strength. Unlike him. Everyone hated him. Oh he knew all right, plus to add insult to injury, he also knew that eventually you would come to hate him too. Just like all of the others. . .
- - -
So, once again, there he sat-- with a bottle of vodka in one hand -- and a wilted sunflower in the other. He's tried to be normal once again, but everytime he just crashed harder than the last. You were supposed to be that beautiful ray of hope he clung to. Just like the sunflower he held so dearly. Slowly, he brought the bottle to his lips and drunk the small amount of liquid with ease.
He never wanted to become so cruel, so despised. But
:iconclandestinebatheart1:ClandestineBatHeart1 184 68
Misery ~ France x Reader
Ok, so maybe you weren't used to being touched. Maybe you weren't used to being the center of attention. Either way, the physical and emotional attention you received from France on a daily basis was WAY out of your comfort zone. It's not that you hated him, you just didn't enjoy the constant touching, groping, and the whispered "sweet nothings". You were friendly and polite to everyone, but when it came to France, your more aggressive side often reared it's ugly head.
I am in misery
There ain't nobody who can comfort me

"Oh, _____!" The Frenchman exclaimed happily. You lifted your gaze up from your papers at the conference table and sighed. He smirked and strode over to where you were seated and set his hand on top of your papers.
"What is it now, France?"
"Ohhonhon, mon chéri, how are you on this beautiful day?"
You opened your mouth to answer but stiffened as soon as you felt his nimble fingers trace up your arm. You scowled and smacked his hand
:iconclandestinebatheart1:ClandestineBatHeart1 302 75
Tears Don't Fall ~ Russia x Germany
With blood shot eyes
I watch you sleeping

I stared down at his sleeping form, his chest rising and falling with every deep breath he made. My anger swelled at the sight once again.
The warmth I feel beside me
Is slowly fading

I hated him. I loved him. He loved me, even though I treated him badly without any shred of remorse. He's seen the side of me everybody else has, but yet he's still here. Still here to provide that small ray of sunlight that I desperately yearn for. But, like everything else in my life, I tainted his sweet purity.
- - -
The sickening sound of hard metal hitting bone echoed around the small chamber.
"N-Nein. . ." He groaned, pain dripping in his voice. "I-Ich liebe dich."
I dropped my crimson stained faucet and looked him over. His face was swollen, bruised, cut, and painted with red. I gently grasped his chin and tilted his head upwards to meet my eyes. "You're so beautiful when you bleed,"
:iconclandestinebatheart1:ClandestineBatHeart1 27 10
Troll Face of Boredom by ClandestineBatHeart1 Troll Face of Boredom :iconclandestinebatheart1:ClandestineBatHeart1 48 5
Bright and Beautiful
"Um. . . Adam?"
Adam was staring up at the sky, not even taking notice in his friend. "You're thinking about her again aren't you?" Adam hesitantly nodded before finally meeting his friend's eyes. "Yeah, . . . I know this is going to be a repeat of what I've been rambling on about for the past few months, but I just can't seem to not miss her." Adam let out a faint chuckle before smiling. "Even though she'll be coming back in a few days."
"She went to an art school right?" Aaron asked, trying to break the streak of awkward silence forming between the two. A bigger smile seemed to find it's way onto Adam's face as he nodded. "Yeah, it took some time, but I finally was able to convince her to go." Aaron nodded before lightly smacking Adam on the back. "Well, look at it this way, at least she'll be coming home this week, right?" Adam nodded.
"Hey, um I'm going to head home. I'll talk to you later, ok?" Aaron smiled, knowing well that he was itching to call her. "Alright, later Adam."
:iconclandestinebatheart1:ClandestineBatHeart1 6 0


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